Exotic Chocolates 

64% Dark Chocolate!

Exotic Chocolates offers our customers uniquely flavored chocolates that have been hand made and individually wrapped. 

 Our Dark Chocolate is 64% Cacao based!

We offer a great value, each tube contains: 24, 6 gram disc's  (5.3 oz) =  $12.00


Our 10 fun and Unique Flavors


Banana Habanero 


Dark Chocolate with Habanero



Lemon Habanero


Orange Habanero

Mint  Habanero 

Whats New? 

Our Staff is currently trying out different combinations of chocolate with other unique flavors to bring our customers the best experience possible. 

To get the most recent updates regarding our chocolate experiments and day to day operations follow us on Facebook and Instagram links to both are at the top of the page & bottom.

If you have a special chocolate order request give us a call @ 503-475-8212 or send an email

Our products (((do not))) contain any diary, gluten or nuts!